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Adopt Evan the Pitbull (San Diego)

Hello, my name is Evan. I am a handsome boy best known and distinguished for my left ear, it sticks straight up every time I see something interesting! My favorite thing to do is to fetch a rope, in fact I love my ropes so much I often carry them during walks. Speaking of walks, I pay attention to all of the commands my human friends give me. However, after I complete a command I like to bolt into a romp and run… this is because I get so excited! I’m learning to ease out of my excitement states; sometimes I get so energized from all the love I get from humans that I like to nip their ears and nose. Of course, this isn’t something I should be doing but I can’t help myself, I just love humans SO much! My friends understand that it’s all out of affection so they’re working with me to focus the energy in other areas such as lots of exercise. I often play hard so I crash hard; I completely crate-trained. Recently I’ve been playing with the ball too, it’s so interesting seeing it roll so far away and never stopping. Overall, I hear I’m a typical loving puppy plus the great trait! Being my left ear.

People say I’m more adoptable if I’m savvy so here’s what I know: Sit, Focus, Sit & Focus (on a walk), Let’s Go, Sit inside my crate while the door is being opened, and Sit while my leash is being hooked. Being that I’m still a puppy and have a short attention span, here are the cues I’m currently working on: Sit-Stay, Release (from sitting & staying), and Off (for jumping on). I love good treats during training but if you run out, I’ll take petting, hugs and kisses!

The ideal home for me would be someone who loves the outdoors to get me plenty of exercise as I highly enjoy running and playing! If you’re not sure that I’d be a fit in your home, come and meet me just to say hello- I love meeting new friends!

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Source: Pit Bull Rescue San Diego

Link: Adopt Evan the Pitbull