Please Sign to save Villalobos pitbull rescue

Tia Torres and Villalobos rescue are an inspiration to a growing community of people that love and appreciate the pit bull breed. My boyfriend and I recently adopted a tripod pit bull who was once someones trash, found in a dumpster. Also, I recently started working with shelter dogs with a huge dream of starting a pittie rescue myself one day. Tia is our reason for falling in love with the breed and deciding to be a part of making a difference for this amazing animal. She is an awesome woman with an enormous heart for the “Under dog” of all species… I just wish there were more of her. Tia is a true angel.

Krystal Mony- Supporter of Villobos Rescue

Please sign petition to save Villobos Rescue

13 thoughts on “Please Sign to save Villalobos pitbull rescue

  1. Jalysa hall

    I have to say what tia is doing not only for the dogs but for the guys is a wonderfull thing she has opened her home and her heart to help those who really need it she is a wonderfull person and those who think other wise should look at what she does she isnt hurting anyone shes helping

  2. tara frasher

    I will s.ign anything and everything for pitbulls and parolees.They do a gret a job and should not be closed down.It would be a stupid move to shut them down.I stnd behind them 100%.Got a problem with me stnding and supporting them contact me.Go guys keep it up.Good job.

  3. Lexus Bogard

    i’m 14 years old and i have believed that pitbulls deserve a second chance for a long time i love my pitbull and i look up to tia one day i wanna work with her i may not be a parolee but i do whatever i can to help or save the life of a dog or even a human being pitbulls are so love able i cant stand it when people put them down and dog can be mean depending on how they are rasied not just pitbulls… i would really love to meet tia and the crew at that.. and hopefully one day my dream will come true

  4. Brittany Brazzale

    My name is Brittany Brazzale, and I absolutely love the show and everything this place stands for. Not only is she giving the dogs a second chance but also people. Dogs should not be judged for breed, people dont like to be judged for race, why should dogs?? Keep the shelter open!!! No animal should suffer do to a neglectful owner.

  5. robert anderson

    i have four pitbulls and i watch the show every week. if it was not for your rescue center a lot more pitbulls would be put to sleep or used for dog fighting. a lot of it is going on in orlando fl everyday ,we raised pitbulls for ten years in orlando and i do not fight pitbulls ,they are like members of the family .

  6. phyllis anderson

    I watch your show every week and i respect what you do for pitbulls and if it was not for you then pitbulls would be fought,abanded,killed.Orlando humane society does not care about pitbulls and they put them to sleep when they come in without giving them a chance.their kennels are not fit for any dog and they do not get proper medical attention.In my opinion there should be more people like you and may god bless you.

  7. kimberley anderson

    I admire what you do for the pitbulls because all creatures deserve a chance at life.It is a shame that some people out there can not find that type of love and understanding in their hearts for these animals as god did for us.They do not see that pit bulls can be loving,loyal,caring,helpful type of animals but instead they chose to see the bad in them.What they neglect to see is that it is not the breed but it is the owner and they need to do the research instead of making judgements.So in conclusion[ Who are we to say who lives and who dies] and thank you for what you do.

  8. Daniel anderson

    I think it is great that you care so much about pitbulls and i have been around them since i have been born.They are great animals for anyone to have and i think you are doing a great job.I think that simple minded people need to quit judging them and give them a chance.

  9. Jalisa Wisecup

    I love pit bulls. I think what Tia is doing is amazing, when I first saw this show for the first time I just set there in aww. I was Shocked, and happy maybe people will finally start to see that pit bulls are amazing animals. Everytime I see the beautiful animals at the end of the show saying this dog is looking for a home its just breaks my heart a little bit, they are such amazing sweet and kind hearted dogs. My older brother actually owns 2 beautiful white pit bulls, and i have a dog that is a mix with a pit. They are so smart, and loyal dogs.
    I will always love and suport pit bulls.

  10. Debra

    I love my pit. I am a dog trainer and one day I would love to do what you do. Save are Pitts life and reputation . I have 3 dogs and 2 are bully breeds

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