Pitbull Saves Baby from Hanging

An amazing story about Titus(the pitbull) saving a baby that was hanging from a cord.  Just watch….

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14 thoughts on “Pitbull Saves Baby from Hanging

  1. chris puccilli

    There is no other dog we will ever own always pitty..

    Titus u luving boy, we are proud of u, God Blessed with lots a
    luv, nj Titus proved that.. tc n many happy yrs all of you!!

  2. Joan

    I totally agree with you, I hate those people too, they are ignorant people………….we all have to do something to educate the public and punish those bad people………

  3. kaia

    Its great to see some one finally stand up for a pitbull I love the bread so much I say its the breed not the owner. I am making t-shirts to support the breed that have pitbull drawings on them and have slogans like “don’t make me fight”

  4. Pensive

    I’m glad your beautiful dog saved your adorable child.
    I don’t think one can categorically say pitts are great dogs or bad dogs.
    I’ve been around several, pet sat one, and found homes for two. These were the wonderful loving dogs.
    I’ve also been charged, without provocation, on two separate occasions,by pits whose owners claimed would never hurt anyone. Lucky for me, I had pepper spray which bought me enough time to get to safety or have the owner restrain the dog. The spray did not stop the dogs, but distracted them a bit.
    So, pits are like any other breeds of dogs…some are very smart and loving while others seem to have blood lust.

    Wishing you and yours the best!

  5. Maximusmoreira

    I´m from Portugal and when seeing your video i almost cried, I agree with you when you say all those wonderful things about your dog, pit bulls are wonderful dogs, and Titus looks the best, and a hero, peace

  6. Angie from NYC

    Im from NYC and i hear this sick crap everyday, pitts are crazy, put them down … only an uneducated FOOL would think this smart, loyal, beautiful breed is a kiler breed! I’ve had pitt my whole life and even my friends who dont dare go near a pitt, ALL SAY WOW ANGIE, your babies (yes they refer to them as that bc they are my kids) are so well trained, so kind and WOW SO SMART! Im 5 foot 2 inches and yes I have 2 of them … I would never give this breed up. Im not a gangster or a thing, I;m a white colloar working women in NYC who would do ANYTHING for my pitts! So the ignorant folks who wants to band … politicians who dont know any better take a look at this video and WAKE THE HELL UP!!!

    Titus, you are so beautiful and lucky to have the family you have and they are lucky to have you! Sending love from NYC!

  7. Karen Sylvia

    Titus you are truly a hero!! God bless you and your wonderful family!! Oh anyone ever tries to take Titus I am sure I am not the only one that will come and stand with you to protect him…

  8. Lisa

    That was so immensely powerful. I can’t stop crying, not only because Titus saved your little boy’s life, but because of how powerful your message is. What happened is a true pitbull response. As you probably know, this is why they were first known as Nanny Dogs.it is not in their nature to fight; it’s in their nature to be loving, loyal, and protective. Thank you from me and my pitties.

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