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Adopt Kira the Pitbull (San Diego)

My foster mom says these are the dog days of summer – I hope that means it is a good time to find a forever home. I am about 6 1/2 months old now. I came to live with my foster mom at 3 months old. I had been hit by a car and had my leg broken. Luckily the great people at PBRSD took me in and got me the medical care I needed. I am fully recovered now and ready to start my life with my forever family.

My Mom says I am really smart. I am crate trained (I even stay there all night with no accidents), I am house trained (I go to the front door to go potty outside), I know how to sit, I know down and I know “leave it” means my nose does not belong there. In addition, my Mom has taught me to sit for my food dish and when we are outside if she says “drop” I will let go of my toy and sit and wait for her to throw it again. My favorite toys are big rope toys and balls.

I go to daycare during the day which has taught me to play nice with the other dogs and to be nice to kitties too. Also, since I go every day, when my Mom says “on your spot” I go right to the passenger seat of the car and lie down for the ride.

I currently live with a big foster brother, he and I love to chase each other in the yard.

Since I am a pittie, I do love to snuggle with my humans and really enjoy Sunday mornings in bed with my foster Mom chewing on a favorite toy while she reads the paper.

I do not live with any children, but I’ve met kids as young as 2 and I love that they have sticky hands I can lick.

Since I am still a puppy, there are a few things I am still working on learning – We are still working on “Come” and on my leash manners (my Mom carried me everywhere the first two months so leashes are new). Also, I really like my food bowl, so I get protective if my foster brothers come to close when I am eating.

My foster family knows me pretty well and they think the perfect family for me would be one that has other animals, but not required. I have medium energy, so I will need a daily walk.

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Source: Pit Bull Rescue San Diego

Link: Adopt Kira the Pitbull

Adopt Evan the Pitbull (San Diego)

Hello, my name is Evan. I am a handsome boy best known and distinguished for my left ear, it sticks straight up every time I see something interesting! My favorite thing to do is to fetch a rope, in fact I love my ropes so much I often carry them during walks. Speaking of walks, I pay attention to all of the commands my human friends give me. However, after I complete a command I like to bolt into a romp and run… this is because I get so excited! I’m learning to ease out of my excitement states; sometimes I get so energized from all the love I get from humans that I like to nip their ears and nose. Of course, this isn’t something I should be doing but I can’t help myself, I just love humans SO much! My friends understand that it’s all out of affection so they’re working with me to focus the energy in other areas such as lots of exercise. I often play hard so I crash hard; I completely crate-trained. Recently I’ve been playing with the ball too, it’s so interesting seeing it roll so far away and never stopping. Overall, I hear I’m a typical loving puppy plus the great trait! Being my left ear.

People say I’m more adoptable if I’m savvy so here’s what I know: Sit, Focus, Sit & Focus (on a walk), Let’s Go, Sit inside my crate while the door is being opened, and Sit while my leash is being hooked. Being that I’m still a puppy and have a short attention span, here are the cues I’m currently working on: Sit-Stay, Release (from sitting & staying), and Off (for jumping on). I love good treats during training but if you run out, I’ll take petting, hugs and kisses!

The ideal home for me would be someone who loves the outdoors to get me plenty of exercise as I highly enjoy running and playing! If you’re not sure that I’d be a fit in your home, come and meet me just to say hello- I love meeting new friends!

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Source: Pit Bull Rescue San Diego

Link: Adopt Evan the Pitbull

Pitbull Gracie Helps Paralyzed Owner Escape Fire

Jake Vernon, 32, was lying in bed in his house in Spokane, Wash. It was the morning of St. Patrick’s Day and he was in pain, his eyes closed. Both his legs had been paralyzed in a car accident a decade ago, and his right leg had been broken in a recent hospital mishap. So he took some medication and that’s when his dog, Gracie Bean, saved his life.

Gracie, an American pit bull terrier, had begun yapping at Jake. She ran to the back door, barking, then ran back to a groggy Jake —who yelled at her.

“I even swatted her a few times and told her to lay down and be good,” he told in a recent telephone interview.

Finally, he opened his eyes and was horrified to find the bed’s headboard on fire, along with the pillows, blankets and even the bedside table. The smoke alarm was blaring, warning of the blaze that would soon destroy his home.

Wearing only a sweatshirt, Jake grabbed a Snuggie to cover his legs and crawled across the bed. “I dove head first into the wheelchair and landed on the ground and then I had to crawl into the wheelchair,” he says.

Next he faced getting out of his house’s back door, the only one with a wheelchair ramp. With his legs sticking out at odd angles, Jake had trouble navigating the narrow exit. He recalls thinking, “You’d better move your ass right now or you’re not going to have an ass to move.”

So Jake, who plays wheelchair basketball professionally, banged his chair and his unbent legs into walls to straighten himself out. All the while Gracie was calm. “What was so crazy was my dog was not afraid of the fire,” he says. “My dog walked right between me and the fire and stayed right there.”

After he wheeled out with a few minor burns — and gashes on his legs — Jake summoned the fire department (his wife, Michelle, 33, was out that morning). That’s when he saw something else that he’d never witnessed before: People smiling and cooing over his 2-year-old hero pit bull.

“I was seeing a big firefighter, 6-foot-6, and he got down on his hands and knees and hugged that dog with everything he had and he kept saying, ‘This this is the best animal in the world.’ ”

Jake first met Gracie Bean as a puppy. His wife had found her on Craigslist and gave the dog to her husband as a Christmas gift. Gracie had no special training, but Jake later taught her how to push open doors. Little did she know she’d become a rescue dog.

“She is the most spoiled-rottenest dog in the world,” says Jake. “She’s gotten the biggest cheeseburgers, French dip au jus sandwiches, and ice cream!”

Source: PeoplePets.comGracie the Pitbull Helps Paralyzed Owner Escape Fire